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Mental moment 


a service that is invited into the homes and allows the parents to step away from their  reality and get a moment to themselves. 

Mission Statement 

Giving hope to parents, especially women, by equipping them  with the necessary tools, techniques, and time to Self-Care. We offer in home services to lighten the load. 



Helping women Relax, Refresh, and Restore

Mental Guide, Homework Help/Social Interaction, Meal Prep, and Thank You Gift.
1 hr

Self-Care Tips

  • Make Sleep a Priority 

  • Start a compliments file(Document the great things people say about you read later)

  • Have a good laugh 

  • Stay away from Negative People(You can choose who you keep in your life, choose wisely)

  • Breathe Deep 

  • Pray/Meditation

  • Journal(Write your feelings down)

  • Listen to running  water 

  • Take a hot shower or a warm bath 

  • Make art/Do a craft project 

  • Read poetry/ inspiring quotes

  • Listen to music 

  • Stop beating yourself up 

  • Say No

Social Health
  • Positive Family and Friend Interaction

Physical Health
Health benefits
Mental Health
  • Mental Heath

  • Reduce Anxiety 

  • Increase Mental Clarity 

  • Increase Sense of Humor

  • Reduce Stress

  • Decrease Symptoms of Depression 

  • Decrease Mental Confusion

  • Decrease Mental Clutter

Emotional Health
  • Enhance Self Esteem 

  • Self-Fulfillment & Contentment 

  • Decrease Anger & Irritability 

  • Increase Expression of Feelings in a Healthy Way 

Spiritual Health
  • Peace

  • Better Decision Making

  • Meditate on Positivity 

  • Increase Rest

  • Decrease Stress Bon Illness 

  • Decrease Injury

  • Help with Time Management

  • Increase Health Nutritional Options

  • Increase Productive Sleep 

  • Practice Good Grooming Habits  


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