Cenetra Davis

A Motivator,Visionary, Mentor, Leader and Entrepreneur. Cenetra whose one of five siblings is a native of Mason, TN a small town outside of Memphis , Tennessee. She received a Bachelors of Science degree in Child Development and Family Studies at the Middle Tennessee State University. During the years of post-secondary education and professional development, Cenetra has committed to being intentional about making a positive impact on every life that she has an opportunity to influence whether it's by teaching, serving, mentoring, or event planning.


As she continued to grow older transitioning  into post secondary education, Cenetra felt an urging desire to work with overextended mothers by giving them hope for the future and an outlet of emotional, physical, hands on support. From this passion, recently she was given the vision to launch "'Mental Moment" which is a service that is invited into the home and allows the parents to step away from the reality. "Mental Moment"  gives mothers the opportunity to Relax, Refresh, & Restore. Cenetra will partner with mothers 1-3 hours to lightened the load